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NBA Fines: Ballers Behaving Badly

The NBA recently announced that flopping will be fined more harshly during the playoffs. Specifically, there will be no warning for flopping; just an immediate $5,000 fine. Following this announcement, Crunchology brings you this detailed look at the history of NBA fines.  This piece will take you on a tour of the NBA fines landscape, […]

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Super Bowl Ticket Prices

The Super Bowl is right around the corner. Right now, no team has secured a berth in the game, but the teams in the running are the 49ers,  Falcons, Ravens and Patriots.  Because the teams playing have yet to be decided, the current prices for Super Bowl tickets may be very different today from what […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Super Bowl vs. BCS Nat. Championship

BCS vs Superbowl_updated

 Of course, you can’t go wrong with either event. They are the two biggest football games of the year, hands down. Being in the stands is something you will never forget, the game will likely go down in history and the upscale Miami nightlife and raucous crowds of Mardi Gras are both sure to provide […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Greatest Power Forward Of All Time


Kevin Garnett? Karl Malone? Elvin Hays? Don’t kid yourself. Tim Duncan is not only one of the NBA’s all time greats, he is unarguably the greatest power forward of all time.

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INFOGRAPHIC: NFL Home Opener Prices

Where does your team land on the list? Denver Broncos – $701.38 NY Giants – $526.92 Chicago Bears – $525.73 Green Bay Packers – $500.87 New England Patriots – $430.22 Pittsburgh Steelers – $350.51 New Orleans Saints – $327.00 Seattle Seahawks – $326.25 Philadelphia Eagles – $285.12 Baltimore Ravens – $271.67 Carolina Panthers – $228.24 […]

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