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For many, NCAA Football is even more exciting than NFL football. In football, even pro-caliber athletes are required to play at least some college ball. That means we have the luxury of watching them slice and dice through college defenses with ease or single-handedly shut down offenses. In addition, many believe that college players are more motivated to win than pro players are.

Then there are the rivalries.

Sure, the NFL has its rivalry matchups, but none can compare to a Michigan Wolverines vs. Ohio State Buckeyes or a Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma Sooners game. Rivalries like these make for some of the most passionate players and fans in all of sports. One of the greatest rivalry games of all time took place in 1997 when the Michigan Wolverines faced off against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Charles Woodson's performance proved to be one for the ages; he returned a punt for a touchdown, made an interception in the end zone and had a long pass reception that set up a touchdown in a 20-13 Michigan victory.

More recently, we saw a mind-blowing performance from Vince Young in the 2005 National Championship game. After a thrilling first 3 quarters, the Longhorns trailed the USC Trojans 38-26 with 6:42 left to play in the game. Vince Young rushed for 25 yards and threw for 44 yards in a 2:39 drive that he capped off with a 17-yard touchdown to bring the horns within 5 with just less than four minutes remaining.

The following USC drive resulted in one of the most pivotal 4th down stops of all time. USC turned the ball over on downs when the Longhorns stopped a play that had been successful for the Trojans all day. In the Longhorns' final drive, Young took his team all the way to the 9-yard line before being faced with a fourth and 5 with 26 seconds left in the game. After taking the shotgun snap, Young realized that his receivers were all covered and bolted for the sideline, where a monster block ensured that he would score the game-winning touchdown. Texas went up 41-38 with 19 seconds left in the game, and USC would run only two plays before time expired and the Horns upset the Trojans in the National Championship.

These are only two of the great NCAA Football Performances. Each year there are great games that all sports fans should keep an eye on.