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Commonly referred to as America's pastime, Baseball was once the most popular sport in the United States. Before the rise of American Football, Basketball, television and other distractions, Baseball was the one thing that everyone had in common. Today, the heated rivalries and raucous fans prove that although baseball no longer stands alone in the sports world, its heritage is alive and well. For many, the experience of going to an MLB game is about more than the game being played on the field (although sometimes that's all that matters), it's about free-flowing beer, delicious hot dogs and just having a good time.

Many people would agree that the best stadium in baseball is, without a doubt, Yankee Stadium. Home to a Hard Rock Cafe, a Johnny Rockets and a Tommy Bahama's, there's no shortage of food here. Wear an opposing jersey, and get ready for an earful (all in good fun of course). The fans at Yankee Stadium are more than just enthusiastic, the Yankees are their life.

Yankee Stadium isn't the only park in baseball that can provide an amazing experience. Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Dodger Stadium are all great ballparks with rich histories and excellent amenities. Get some MLB tickets and go experience America's pastime the way it was meant to be experienced.