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When it comes to selling your tickets, there's no better place to go than Best Tickets. Why? It's simple really. We buy your tickets outright. That means no checking listings to see if your tickets have been sold and no waiting to receive your money.

Once you've submitted your ticket for review, a Best Tickets buying representative will contact you within 24 hours with an answer. Keep in mind, you are not guaranteed the price you ask for in the form above. We will determine a fair price for both parties and present you with and offer. If you don't agree with our offer you are not obligated to sell your tickets. Also note that we can't buy every ticket offered to us. We carefully select the tickets being offered to us to ensure quality and legitimacy. If we decide to buy your tickets, all we ask is that you present a government-issued photo ID.

Fill out and submit the form above to sell your tickets, or, for a faster response, call one of our friendly ticket buyers at 1-800-776-9488.